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T-Shirt Quilts
T-shirt quilts made to order using your favorite t-shirts from your travels, sports teams or events. 
These quilts are terrific for throws, wall hangings, bed covers or stadium covers. 
The pictured quilt is a sample and not for sale.

I have a drawer full of my favorite T-shirts and rather than wear them until they fall apart 
I put them into a lap quilt where I can enjoy for years to come. Instant memories plus a terrific 
lap cover.

Send me your washed t-shirts and I will assemble the top, quilt the layers and ship it back
to you ready to use. You decide the size. The blocks are 15" x 15" with strips between to
separate and stabilize them. 

Standard border is 4". You may choose either high quality 100% cotton backing or flannel 
backing for the quilt.  Below are the approximate finished sizes for these quilts

9 T-shirt blocks 53" x 61" 
12 T-shirt blocks 61" x 78"
16 T-shirt blocks 78" x 78"
20 T-shirt blocks 78" x 95"
24 T-shirt blocks 95" x 95"
30 T-shirt blocks 95" x 112"

These sizes work well for throws and comforters. The finished quilt can be machine washed 
as needed. If you need a custom fit for your bed or would like to a hanging sleeve added 
to the quilt convo me with your request.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. 
Quilt Pricing

3 blocks x 3 blocks          $175
3 blocks x 4 blocks          $205
4 blocks x 4 blocks          $275
4 blocks x 5 blocks          $355
4 blocks x 6 blocks          $410
5 blocks x 6 blocks          $510