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Overall Quilting
Longarm Quilting Services
Heirloom Quilting
Custom Quilting
This is simple overall quilting of the top ,includng borders, edge to edge without regard the blocks or borders-- no frills.

$.018 per square inch

At QuiltNutz, we take pride in our work and will treat your quilt as we would our own. We have the latest computerized machine technology as well as freehand machine quilting available to finish your quilt.


QUILT TOPS:  Quilts need to be prepared for quilting, by making sure your seams are stable.  A stay stitch 1/4 inch around the edge is recommended for heavily pieced tops. Make sure the quilt top is trimmed and squared up, and seams are pressed flat to one side.

QUILT BACKS:  If you are providing your own backing for the quilt it needs to be 4"-6" (6" is preferred) wider than the finished top on all sides of the quilt.  Make sure your seams are pressed flat. For pieced backing, please use a 1/2" seam and press to one side. Pressing is a $15 minimum charge.

BATTING:  If you are providng your own batting, please cut the batting a minimum of 3-4 inches larger than the pieced top. Please note:  high loft batting will give you a puffier finished quilt, but will also reduce the overall finished size.  Low loft battings produce the traditional look to your finished quilt.  We can provide batting see below for pricing.

BINDING:  We can bind the finished quilt for you, either by machine or by hand.  Please include the binding fabric that measures 2.5" wide by the circumference of your quilt (all sides of the quilt) plus 12".  To figure the amount of yardage needed, take the measurements of all 4 sides, add them together.  Now add 12" to the total and divide that number by 43. The answer gives you the number of 2.5" strips you need to connect together to bind your quilt.

Helpful Hint:
1/2 yard of 44" fabric yields 7 strips that are 2.5"x 43" or enough for 309" of binding or roughly a 77"x77" size quilt. If you are having trouble use the request info and we can walk you through the process.
This includes custom quiltng such as feathers, stippling, heavy quilting, deluxe borders and custom outline or block designs.​ This finish densely covers the quilt top with designs such as cross hatching, intricate free-motion desgns, stitching in the ditch and small background fillers.

$ .04 to $.12 per square inch
This includes simple custom quilting, such as border and block designs, some stitching in the ditch, meandering and large stippling, and more complex free-motion designs.

$0.025-$0.035 per square inch
We will be happy to baste your quilt to prepare it for hand quilting.
Prices start as low as $35 Call or email for a free quote!
Backing Fabric/ Batting/ Pressing/ Binding
Longarm Quilting Service Pricing is based on the type of quilting you want for your pieced quilt top and is based on cost per square inch. See the box below on how to calculate the size of your quilt.

Minimum quilting charge is $50.​
​    100% Cotton Batik                                                                                        $15.00/linear yard
     White on White/Print on Print color 100% Cotton                                        $13.00/linear yard

    100% Warm & Natural Cotton                                                                       $12/linear yard
     80%/20% Cotton/Poly                                                                                  $12/linear yard
    100% Wool                                                                                                    $14/linear yard
    80%/20% Cotton/Wool                                                                                  $13/linear yard

Pressing Charge                                                                                               $15.00  minimum
Seam repair                                                                                                      $15.00 minimum

    Half-binding--we attach to front or back of the quilt, you finish                     $.10/linear inch
    Full binding--attach & finish by machine                                                       $.15/linear inch
    Hand sewn finish--attach to back by machine, finish to front by hand          $.20/linear inch

​Thread charges--per quilt--specialty threads are extra                                     $1/bobbin